Wet weather damages hair and skin. Heavy makeup may not be for you and if you dislike going without makeup.These following tips may help you

During the rainy season, apply ice to the face to preserve makeup. Ice the face 5–10 minutes before applying makeup to prolong its wear

Start Using Ice

Some people apply heavy makeup to protect their cosmetics. This ruins makeup. Monsoon makeup should be modest

Keep It Light

You can't skip sunscreen just because it's going to rain. Always use sunscreen

Don’t Forget The SPF

A primer keeps makeup in place, protects the skin from dust, water, and debris, and minimises sweat

Primer Up

Use waterproof products only. Apply matte compact and calamine lotion. Avoid using heavy moisturisering Products

Makeup Selection

In the rain, don't use kajal. This quickly ruins makeup. Instead, use waterproof eyeliner and sheer, pastel eyeshadow

No Kajals

In monsoons, avoid using eyebrow pencils. To set eyebrows, use brow gel. Always thread your eyebrows

Avoid Eyebrow Pencil

Use a light blush with cream foundation to long-lasting blush. Use tissue paper to dry your face after raining. Stick to matte shades or cream matte lip colours

The Correct Blusher And Lip Color

Setting spray seals makeup. Every female needs a setting spray to set makeup. It keeps makeup on. Many brands make setting sprays. So you can afford it

Seal The Makeup

Keep your hair as tight as possible. Rain can make your hair oily and tacky. To beat the heat and humidity, use a high ponytail or mid-rise bun

Hair Woes