Unknown Indian Facts

1.2 billion polpulation makes India the largest democracy in the World

Approximately 100 million people attend India's Kumbh Mela Festival every year. This is the largest human gathering in the World

There are six seasons according to India's Hindu Calendar : Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Pre-Winter, Winter and Spring

According to the Indian law to take Indian currency (rupees) out of India is illegal for foreigners

Indians consume the lowest amount of meat in the world

There are more mobile phones than toilets in India

OMG Facts About India

A 70-year-old Indian man claims to have gone 70 years without eating or drinking. This is still a mystery to doctors, even after many tests

The family of an Indian man with his 39 wives and 94 children become the world's largest family

In India, a man married a dog to atone his sins

In one Indian state, police officers are given a small raise if they have a moustache

The Taj Mahal, The Indian Parliament, and other historical sites were "sold" by a conman in India. He was able to escape from jail nine times

In 2006, a 30-year-old Indian woman claimed to have fallen in love with a snake and married the reptile

Interesting Facts About Indian Culture

A photo ID card is required for cows in the Indian state of West Bengal

In India, a dowry-related crime claims the life of a woman every one hour

In India, sex toys are illegal

India has the world's largest slave population with more than 18 million slaves

Abortion rates in India are still between 100,000 and 500,000 per year, due to the female gender of the fetus

Wearing a wedding ring 'Bichiya' on the toe is popular among Indian brides

Unknown Facts About Indian History

During World War II, India raised the world's largest volunteer army of over 2.5 million men

For over 400 years, the Indian village of Shani Shingnapur had no doors, locks, or crime

There have been no documented instances of anti-Semitism in India since the arrival of Judaism over 2500 years ago

During the excavation of an 8th-century Viking settlement in Sweden, archaeologists discovered an Indian Buddha statue in 1954

Auroville, an experimental township in India, was founded in 1968 and has citizens from all over the world. There is no money or religion in Auroville

The residents of India's North Sentinel Island haven't been touched by modern civilization

Geographical Facts About India

India is the source of 70% of the world's spices

India has a larger population than the entire Western Hemisphere

The most polluted city in the world, however, is not Beijing but New Delhi, India

In India A man revived five rivers and brought water back to 1,000 villages using traditional Indian methods

The Royal Bengal Tigers are the India's national animal

The Khasi people of Meghalaya, India, grow living bridges with tree roots