The Strawberry Moon neither resembles a strawberry nor is pink.  Native Americans named these full moons. This is the First summer supermoons of Three

What Is Strawberry Moon?

Summer solstice on June 21 will make this full moon the lowest moon of the year

Lowest Moon Of The Year

On June 14, this year, the Strawberry Moon will be at its brightest at 7:52 a.m. ET

When Is The Strawberry Moon In 2022?

June's Full Moon is named after the beginning of ripening of wild strawberries in early summer

Why Is The Full Moon In June Called The Strawberry Moon?

Jupiter dominates the strawberry supermoon in Sagittarius, heralding a new season, new moon, and a chance to start again

What Does The Strawberry Supermoon Mean For You?

There is no better time than 7:24 p.m. ET to catch a glimpse of June's supermoon, when the moon will be at its closest point to Earth

How To See The Strawberry Moon In 2022?

The Ceccano Virtual Telescope Project will provide the live streaming the full moon Tuesday. It will begin at 12.45 IST (3.15pm EDT) and provide real-time moon images

How To Watch It Online?

After the Strawberry Moon of June, the Super Buck Moon of July will arrive. On 13 July 2022, it will be visible in the night sky

When is the next full moon after the Strawberry Moon?

According to, on the July 13 Buck Moon will be a supermoon, just like the Strawberry supermoon in June

When Is The Next Supermoon?

July 13: Buck Moon August 11: Sturgeon Moon September 10: Harvest Moon October 9: Hunter's Moon November 8: Beaver Moon December 7: Cold Moon

The Full Moon Calendar For The Year 2022