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Never Reheat These 5 Cooked Foods! Otherwise, You Will Bring Your Own Danger…

In this hectic life, we are often likely to keep cooked food in the fridge and take it at night off hand. But is our stomach ok with reheated food?

1. Rice:

Cook hot rice and eat it fresh. If the rice is kept at normal temperature after being removed from the oven, then the bacteria will begin to grow as the rice becomes cold.  Bacteria grow in the cold rice. If it is reheated it becomes harmful to our stomach.

2. Egg:

Never reheat the soup of boiled-egg or baked omelette. When cooked eggs are heated a second time, their protein gets wasted and the eggs produce harmful bacteria.  Which is very harmful to the stomach.

3. Chicken:

Sometimes, even after cooking, few bacteria remains in the chicken. If the cooked chicken is heated in the microwave again, the bacteria are likely to spread and increase in the meat. These bacteria can cause serious stomach disease.

4. Vegetable:

Never reheat leafy vegetables. If reheated, it loses all its nutrition.

5. Potato:

Bacteria are born in the cooked or boiled potatoes if it is left at room temperature. The bacteria are not harmful, but they become harmful when the cooked potatoes are heated again. So it’s better not to reheat cooked potatoes.

So cook fresh green vegetables and eat it fresh. After all, health is important even in hectic life!

Written by Madhumita

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