Quarrel Brings Lovers Closer

‘Quarrel Brings Lovers Closer’- Is It True? Know What The Psychologists Say!

There are very few couples on the earth who have never quarrelled. But what the psychologists say? Let’s take a look

If someone is an emotional person or serious about his relationship s/he will understand it her/himself. There’s no need for a psychologist to understand this little thing. After some time of quarrel, we start missing our loved one. And when s/he gives a call forgetting everything, ‘love‘ wins defeating ego. Quarrel Brings Lovers Closer is the true term in love-relationship.

constant fighting in a relationship

However, without the seal of psychoanalysis on what people understand in common sense, we don’t give it importance. So let us focus on the topic by quoting the statements of psychologists.

does arguing bring you closer

A recent report is published in the ‘Guardian’ coating relationship expert Joseph Grenny’s opinion. Granny is the co-author of the bestselling book about the relationship ‘Crucial Conversation’. According to him, “The biggest mistake of couples is to avoid each other. We think many things but don’t say before loved ones, at least not until the whole thing becomes unbearable. We actually skip all those conversations thinking that there might be a lot of complications. But we do not understand that much can happen if we do not talk

Quarrel and Love

The results of a survey published in that report say that couples who quarrel are much happier in a relationship than those who usually hide all their thoughts and emotions. In this regard, the results of multiple studies in the US also say so. A recent study has found that 44% of the US-born couple feel that quarrel at least once a week is the sign of healthy conversation in a relationship.

why do couples argue

The more quarrel the warmer the relationship is. Questioning, criticizing, or quarreling about each other’s actions – all of these keep a relationship enliven. Always remember Quarrel Brings Lovers Closer.

Written by Madhumita

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