In hot summer cool and pleasant "desi" drinks can help relieve our thirst and prepare the body for hot and humid days

Lemons purify the blood and promote new blood cell formation, which makes skin glow. It slows wrinkles and fine lines. Always have sugar-free lemonade


Sattu Sharbat aids digestion and prevents disease when drunk on an empty stomach. It increases vitality and glow. It'll keep you cool

Sattu Sharbat

Summer buttermilk is a popular beverage. This drink enhances good skin. The buttermilk with jeera tadka is calming and cooling


In summer,beating roasted cumin seeds into a powder makes this drink. The remedy aids digestion and stomach issues. Flavor with lemon juice


It's created using mango pulp, cumin, jeera, and mint leaves. This refreshes and energises. It quickly moisturises the body to combat summer heat

Aam Panna

Chilled coconut water is healthy. It regulates bodily electrolyte function. Mild sweetness and freshness make it perfect for summer

Coconut Water

In India, rose sharbat symbolises summer relaxation and pleasure. It has no health benefits, but it's a natural coolant that helps you beat the heat

Rose Sharbat

Kokum is a sour fruit. This is healthy both fresh and dried. Kokum syrup, water, and cumin powder make Kokum Sharbat. Astringent kokum detoxifies the body

Kokum Sharbat

South India loves Panakam. It's sweet and spicy. Jaggery, Ginger, lemon, cardamom and water make panakam. Jaggery cools the body in summer


Watermelon is a popular summer fruit in India. Watermelon's high water content hydrates the body and prevents summer skin dryness

Watermelon Juice