International Fashion Day 2022

Fashion has long been an integral aspect of society, spawning a whole industry

World Fashion Day 2022

The day allows everyone to show off their fashion sense through clothes and accessories

International Fashion Day 2022 Date In 2022

Every year, we observe Fashion Day on July 9

International Fashion Day 2022 In India

The International Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show is the only venue in India to see the newest trends in costume, fashion, silver, raw materials, machinery, packaging, and Gems & Jewelry accessories

International Fashion Day 2022 Importance

The day is for displaying apparel and accessories. The United States is a melting pot of cultures, and each individual has a distinct fashion sense

When International Fashion Day Was First Celebrated?

The origins of Fashion Day In 2016, Fashion Day was honoured for the first time, making it a relatively recent addition to the American cultural calendar

Who First Celebrated the International Fashion Day?

Charles Frederick Worth is widely regarded as the world's first fashion designer from from 1826 to 1895

International Fashion Day 2022 Images

International Fashion Day 2022 Quotes

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality”                              – Karl Lagerfeld