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Dandruff Control: Bothered? 5 Effective Home-made Solutions

Dandruff is a big problem. How to control dandruff? We are here to give you 5 inevitable solutions which are homemade, chemical-free and effective.

How to control dandruff? dandruff is a problem not only during the winter but also throughout the year. Excessive pollution, dust and dirt are the main causes of dandruff and premature hair loss. Dandruff is a big problem for the health of the hair.  It is most commonly responsible for excessive hair loss and various scalp infections.

We are here to give you 5 inevitable solutions which are homemade, chemical-free and effective.

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1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil. Source: Google Image

Coconut oil is very effective in reducing dandruff! Coconut oil moisturizes the hair follicles and reduces the risk of scalp infections. You should massage lukewarm coconut oil at the scalp and hair at least twice a week. It will help you to control dandruff completely.

2. Curd:

Curd. Source: Google Image

Curd is very effective to control dandruff.  Massage the scalp thoroughly with curd and leave it for ten minutes to remove dandruff. Then wash it with water. You can apply this method at least twice a week until the dandruff is completely resolved.

3. Ritha/Soap-nuts:

Ritha. Source: Google Image

Ritha is very effective in enhancing the beauty of the hair. It is also inevitable in eliminating dandruff! Apply Ritha powder or soaked ritha-water on the scalp and keep it for a while and then wash it thoroughly. Apply it at least twice a week.

4. Lemon Juice:

Dandruff Control
Lemon Juice. Source: Google Image

Mix two teaspoons of Lemon Juice with one cup of water and massage the scalp for five minutes and leave it for 10 minutes. After that wash your hair with normal water. Apply it thrice a week until the dandruff is completely resolved.

5. Onion juice:

Dandruff Control
Onion Juice. Source: Google Image

Paste two medium-sized onions. Extract the juice and mix the juice with one cup of water. Apply this onion juice mixture on the scalp and massage for fifteen minutes.  Then wash your head with lukewarm water thoroughly. Apply the process thrice a week and get rid of dandruff completely.

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