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Few Facts about Marijuana: Beyond the Misconceptions

We adopt a mentality where we spread the misconceptions only.

Marijuana, good or bad?– the debate may be an endless one, we definitely say. The number of researchers on marijuana is undoubtedly huge. These researches reveal that marijuana has medicinal qualities. It can give relief to you from most of the pains in your body, and you can take it as an example! A biomedical Institute in France, a couple of years ago, published in their research papers that painkiller without any side-effect can be prepared from marijuana. A group of scientists at the Alabama University, USA noticed in their research that marijuana is less harmful to our lungs than tobacco. But, it is notably seen that most of the researchers across the world show the injurious characteristics of marijuana. We do not have proper knowledge in this concern, and we adopt a mentality where we spread the misconceptions only. Let’s see these in detail.

  • Researchers at the Southern University, USA have discovered that taking marijuana increases the risk of cancer in human testicles.

  • A 20 years long research from Northwestern University, USA claims that marijuana affects human memory. It destroys the cell of the human brain. In the long run, one can completely lose its memory.

  • According to the American Heart Association, marijuana leaves a bad effect on the human artery and vein. Inhaling its smoke create obstacle in blood circulation.

A group of American researchers informs that marijuana can decrease the reproductive power of humans. It increases heartbeat, anxiety, and fatigue at the same time.

  • The consumption of marijuana can increase the chances of heart attack, says the American Heart Association.

  • Many of us believe marijuana helps us accelerate creativity. But it does exactly the opposite as per what a group of Dutch researchers claims.

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