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Do You Know the Right Age of having Menstruation which Leads to a Healthy Life?

Every girl has menstruation. But how many of them have knowledge of the right age of having it or the right age of menopause!

Menstruation or the period is a very natural phenomenon to a female body from the very starting days of the human race. No woman can deny it. Still, it is mysterious to some extent and people are always curious about it. Every girl gets it at a certain age.

The possible age of getting the first period came to know through a survey which was done on approximately 50000 girls. From this survey, we also get a rough idea about the right age of getting it which leads to a healthy and beautiful life.

It is believed that the first period of a girl and her lifespan are closely connected. It is seen that a girl who gets the period in her late teenage lives longer. The research team observed that the right age of getting a period is 12. Because they are seen to live longer than others who get period at an earlier age. Girls who get period at the age of 12 generally get menopause at the age of 45-50. But who gets earlier has a high chance of premature menopause.

The normal age of menopause is 47-50. Premature menopause can cause health issues. Another important thing that is observed in the survey is that the cigarette leaves a great impact on menopause. So, girls who smoke should be aware of this.

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