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Unwanted Pregnancy: Are Contraceptive Pills really ok?

How to avoid an unwanted pregnancy? It’s a big question. But avoiding this is not that tough. But, are Contraceptive Pills the only answer?

May the situations and causes differ, but unwanted pregnancy is serious trouble for every couple. It not only drags the couple in a complicated social problem, sometimes it leads to complicated health issues too. But how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy? It’s a big question. Are Contraceptive Pills the only answer?

Unwanted Pregnancy
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Avoiding unwanted pregnancy is not that tough! If couples stay little alert from the beginning and use protection they can easily avoid such a situation. Men can use condoms. Women can eat oral contraceptive pills. Nowadays advanced contraceptive pills are available in the market and their side effects are almost zero. If a woman still has problems with pills, she can use copper T.  One copper T can be used for one year or three years or five years. Its chemical reaction resists the sperm from mixing with the egg.

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But despite all the protection, accidents can happen. Sometimes condoms may leak. If you make a mistake in taking a contraceptive pill, it may lead to pregnancy.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy, after unprotected sex, you can take the birth control pill. Unwanted pregnancy tablets names I-Pill, Unwanted 72 and others are easily available. The birth control pill is more likely to be effective within 24-48 hours of unprotected sexual relationships. But after that, a pill increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy.

Contraceptive pills are not always 100 per cent effective. Sometimes it may fail to prevent the fertilization. Again, it has many side effects. It directly affects the menstrual cycle. Even the girl can feel nausea and dizziness. So, it should be kept in mind that this is emergency medicine.

Unwanted Pregnancy
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If you become pregnant at first consult a good doctor. You can go for abortion through medicines up to 49 days after pregnancy. After that, you have to go for surgery. In the case of ectopic pregnancy, the complications increase. In this case, also surgery is the only way.

You can avoid all these complications if you stay a little alert at the time of intercourse.

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