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3 Things That Indian Toilet Users Must Know!

About 92% of Indian toilet users do not know about these facts.

There is a wide gap between the Indian toilet system and the Western toilet system. Although Indians now use the Western method more. But many may not know, the toilet system in India is much more beneficial to the body. At the same time, there are many disadvantages to the body in the Western system.

If someone starts using Western toilets at an early age, bones become weak. But for those who use Indian toilets, for them, there are three major benefits to the body. About 92% of Indian toilet users do not know about these benefits.

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Indian toilet users use soap. That’s a much healthier way which does not allow bacteria to spread in the body. On the other hand, those who use Western toilets often use toilet paper, which is very harmful to the body.


To use Indian toilet one has to sit down in a special position. As a result of the foot exercises, the bones become stronger. Joint pain is also relieved.


At the time of using Indian toilets, the colon gets such a position from which the poop gets out fully and easily. As a result, the system gets fully cleared. In the case of the western toilet, some portion of the poop stuck in the colon which is very harmful to the body.

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