8 mysterious objects that make you jaw-opened
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8 Mysterious Objects that Make You Jaw-opened

Let’s have a look upon some unexplained mysterious objectsLet’s have a look upon some unexplained mysterious objects

The mysterious objects not only thrill us but also fascinate the scientists also. For many years, scientists have been trying to resolve many mysteries and riddles. Some mysteries have been revealed, but many other mysteries remain secrets. Here we are going to talk about 8 mysterious objects below.

1. The Sumerian King List:

The Sumerian King List

We came to know from many Sumerian sources that the 8 Sumerian kings ruled for 2lacs 41thousands and 200 years. It was inscribed on a stone. From this stone, we came to know how many kings ruled for how many years. But the mysterious thing is that every king of the mentioned first eight kings ruled there for almost 20-40 thousand years. Its riddle has not yet been unveiled.

2. The Ulfberht swords:

The Ulfberht swords

A group of medieval swords found in Europe which is inscribed “+VLFBERHT+” on it. But there can found no existence of this name at contemporary history. So far total 100-170 swords have been found in various places in Europe.

3. The Atlantis Ring:

The Atlantis Ring

 The Pyramid of Egypt is so far the most mysterious place. In 1860 the French Egyptologist Marqués D’Agrain found this unnatural ring. But Egyptian culture has no resemblance to the ring. But later it was known that the ring can create powerful energy because of its unique geometrical shape.

4. The Devil’s Bible:

The Devil's Bible

Its other name is Codex Gigas means Giant Book. The book is the largest medieval manuscript. Its weighs 75kgs and, it consists of 310 pages. But the surprising thing is that all the handwriting in the book is the same. It is said that a monk, named Herman the Recluse wrote this book in just one night before his death. And he knew that it was impossible to complete that giant book in just one night. That’s why he prayed to the devil for help. Hence, he drew an unusual portrait of the devil in this book.

5. The Koh-i-Noor Diamond:

The Koh-i-Noor Diamond

Koh-i-Noor is one of the most precious diamonds. It was found in Kollur Mine in India. The diamond is now in the Jewel House at the Tower of London after changing ownership repeatedly. However, it is said that the diamond is cursed. It brings bad luck or unfortunate death for the men who wear it. Hence it has only under the possession of the Queens of England.

6. Busby’s Stoop Chair:

Busby's Stoop Chair

Busby’s stoop chair is known as Dead Man’s Chair. It is a haunted chair. It was cursed by Thomas Busby who was allegedly murderer of his father-in-law and, before his execution by hanging for the last time he sat on this chair. The incident happened in North Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom in 1702.

7. The Stone of Scone:

The Stone of Scone

The stone is regarded as the sacred thing of Scotland. It is said that the stone can identify the original royal members. Only royal members can touch that stone. If any common people touch that stone it will be destroyed itself. It is also known as The Coronation Stone.

8. Piri Reis map:

Piri Reis map

In 1513, a navigator Piri Reis compiled a map that shows the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil. This map was named by its creator. Surprisingly this map was made with reasonable accuracy. But it is a wonder how it was made so accurate at that time.

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