Another Earth Near the Earth: NASA Informed
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Another Earth K2-18 Near the Earth: NASA Informed

NASA has detected another planet where life may exist!

ISRO scientists have stepped in to disclose the secrets of the moon. On the other hand, astronomers of NASA have discovered another earth in space. They are saying that there is an atmosphere exactly like earth. They have found there, water and the existence of life. This claim has been made based on data collected by NASA in a research paper. For the first time, NASA has detected the presence of life on another planet. Now NASA is aiming to build contact with that Earth-like planet, named “K2-18”.

Scientists have informed that K2-18 is about 110 light-years away from the solar system. According to the researchers of University College London, that planet is orbiting the Sun. NASA scientists have guessed this planet is the second version of the Earth and its weight is about 3 times heavier than the Earth.

Scientists have claimed that exploration of the planet has begun in between 2016 and 2017. Then a lot of information has been discovered like a vapour and hydrogen-helium gas of the planet. At the same time, if there is water, the existence of life can be found.

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