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A Mysterious Asteroid can Destroy the Earth at a Moment!

“God of Chaos” is coming towards the Earth.

A gigantic asteroid “God of Chaos” (99942 Apophis) is coming towards the Earth. Surrounding these unidentified cosmic phenomena discussions have begun in the scientific realm. This mysterious asteroid is coming forward towards the Earth at the speeds of up to 25000 miles an hour. Let’s see why the fears and curiosities about this asteroid are increasing.

The asteroid, which is one of the world’s most feared to crash into the planet, weighs 27 billion kgs. Its size is higher than the Eiffel Tower. Astronomers try to explore this 370 meters wide asteroid. 

Scientists fear that if this asteroid crashed into the earth it would affect sixty-five times higher than a nuclear bomb. The whole world can be destroyed at a moment. It has been reported that this asteroid will pass through the orbit where the weather and the connectivity satellites are present in the space. In every 10 years, this asteroid is crossing 19000 miles. Scientists fear that this asteroid can come closer to the Earth in 2029. 

However, various astronomical research centres are busy researching what can happen at that time.

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