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Are You Eligible for Using WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is about to bring a new feature which will set the minimum age for WhatsApp users.

Social media is on the upswing. It’s getting popular day by day even among the children also. Nowadays they are spending so much time with the phones that every information about various apps is on their hand. And every parent, even psychologists are also worried about the addiction to phones of the children. So, WhatsApp is thinking of the ways to prevent such incidents. They are about to bring a new feature. This feature will set the minimum age for WhatsApp users. The account will be banned for those who are below the marked age.

Earlier in the European countries, 13 was the minimum age for using WhatsApp.later it was increased to 16 years. But in the other non-European countries, the minimum age for using WhatsApp remains 13 years. But there are loops in every law definitely. Because it’s not known yet how WhatsApp will verify the user’s age. Besides, it is often seen that children are using their parents’ phone. In that case, a question arises. How can it be prevented?

We all know that Facebook has bought the WhatsApp. WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature, ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’. Similarly, ‘Instagram from Facebook’ has also been launched. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO has announced that he is about to bring all the social platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram under the same roof.

As many of you have noticed, recently WhatsApp users can share their status directly on Facebook. It is a part of this process. However, some experts have expressed their concern about this process. They say this may affect end-to-end encryption, which is another feature of WhatsApp.

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