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Use of WhatsApp: Learn legal use WhatsApp to escape landing in Jail!

If you do something on WhatsApp which you shouldn’t do at all you may be in trouble. Better, you should remain aware of the caution before using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting apps in India. People from different sections of society use this messaging app. But, nowadays, the administration became very concerned about how the app is being used to spread violence. Police are getting trouble in tracing the accused due to the end-to-end encryption. But, positively, all the information is available from WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook to the police. 

We feel very cosy to share lots of things with near ones in WhatsApp. But few things can drag you into serious trouble. Even you can be arrested!  Let’s take a look at what we shouldn’t do on WhatsApp:

Use of WhatsApp
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1️⃣ If a member of the group promotes an anti-law activity, the admin of the group may be jailed.

2️⃣ Police can arrest anyone who shares porn (especially child porn), vulgar pictures or anything obscene on WhatsApp.

3️⃣ Police can arrest anyone is she/he shares any video which includes women harassment.

4️⃣ One may be arrested for opening an account on WhatsApp with the name and information of another person.

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5️⃣ Hateful messages about any religion or any religious place can be a cause of arrest.

6️⃣ f anybody spreads fake news or multimedia file about any rumour that causes violence, she/he can be arrested.

7️⃣ If anyone sales drugs and other prohibited products through WhatsApp she/he can be arrested.

8️⃣ Spreading hidden camera sex video or clipping is also a crime.

9️⃣ Sharing distorted pictures or fake video about any public figure can push you in legal trouble.

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