Rail Ticket Booking and Confirmation

Difficulty in Rail Ticket Booking and Confirmation? Here’s the Solution

Indian Railways has mentioned several advantages in the process!

Rail is comfortable option to everyone for any long journey. But, many a time what we have to face is that rail ticket booking and rail ticket confirmation create hurdle before your wish of travel. Because of this, sometimes you have to cancel the entire plan! This is a major problem that often leaves passengers worried. Now, Indian Railways has come up with a solution to this problem.

Rail Ticket Booking and Confirmation

The number of train seats will be increased in the future so that it will be possible to confirm the number of passengers on the waiting list. There are two power vans to provide electricity to the train. With the help of that power van, lights, fans, etc. on the train-work. According to the Indian Railway, there is no need for this power van. The overhead power supply will be enough for electricity. And instead of those two power vans, two buggies will be installed. So that passengers can go. 

This will solve many of the problems regarding difficulties in Rail Ticket Booking and Confirmation. And the Indian Railways has mentioned several advantages in the process. The two power vans that provided the electricity used to run on diesel. In this new system, the diesel cost of rail will also be saved.

Rail Ticket Booking and Confirmation

Indian Railways has informed that this new system will be launched from December.

Indian Railways has announced another arrangement – the usage of terminal devices. Often people cancel the ticket after the train departs the station. As a result, no one else can sit in those seats. The terminal device will be used in these cases. Using the terminal device, the TT will know whether that the ticket for a seat has been cancelled or not.  Indian Railways seems to be able to solve a lot of ticket problems in this way too.

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