Enjoy AC without Having Thoughts about Electricity Bill!

Companies like Videocon, LG are about to bring this AC in the market.

India is mainly a summer country and the air conditioning machine is the highest demanding stuff in the summer days. The heat is also increasing day by day. We all need AC to get rid of this burning temperature. We want that we can sleep in peace at night anyway. AC is the only way. But most of us cannot buy an AC just because we cannot afford the mammoth electricity bill.

But here is good news for you that an AC, with new technology, has come to the market which you need not pay the electric bills for.

Do you have any idea about this? It is the Solar Air Conditioner I am talking about. You need not worry about the electric bills. You can run the AC as long as you want.

The big companies like Videocon, LG are about to bring this AC in the market. The maintenance costs of this AC are drastically lower. Solar Panels and an AC connector from DC come with this AC.

The sources said that the AC will be on in any season. Just install the Solar Panels on the roof of your house where it can get a good amount of sunlight easily. Thus the Solar panel will be charged all day long and the battery empowers the AC.  A 1-ton AC will take four solar panels to perform. Companies offer doorstep installation also. 

However, the price of these ACs is higher than normal ACs. But remember one thing that your expenditure is for only one-time which is its price and installation. After that, you can use this AC completely free of cost. At present, the price of these ACs is around ₹ 1 lac.

The government is also encouraging solar-powered devices through various initiatives.

Written by Suchandra

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