Honeymoon Facts
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Some interesting facts about “Honeymoon”

You know why a honeymoon is called a honeymoon

Honeymoon is a word that makes you happy all the time, isn’t it? Nowadays after the wedding, every couple goes on a honeymoon. They spend their quality time with their life partners by traveling around to different places. It is very important to spend time with each other before starting married life. However, many of them don’t know why this honeymoon is called a honeymoon. Surely, you also have some romantic planning for your honeymoon. 

Honeymoon Facts
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Germans are the deviser of honeymoon. According to a German book, honeymoon means ‘the first month after marriage’. But the modern meaning of honeymoon is holiday spent together by a newly married couple, before settling down to a home.

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It is also said the source of the word ‘honeymoon’ in Babylon, it came from the word “Honey”. In ancient Babylon, after marriage, the daughter’s father gave his son-in-law a wine made of honey as per his needs.  

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The calendar in Babylon was according to the moon. 

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In the beginning, the month after marriage in Babylon was called the Honey Month.

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According to another explanation, the newlyweds had to drink wine made with honey a month after the wedding. The practice of drinking wine made with honey was introduced from the time of the Hun king Attila, from which the word honeymoon came.

Romance in Honeymoon
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Many people think that the term ‘Moon’ is associated with the menstrual cycle. And it is connected with sex.

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In the 19th century in Britain couples used to went on a bridal tour after the wedding. On this tour, the newlyweds visited the relatives and friends of those who could not attend their wedding.

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