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Vitamin E๐Ÿ’Š: A Useful Nutrient for Our Body

Today Iโ€™m going to tell you about the benefits of vitamin E.

Vitamins are essential elements that our body needs the most. It is part of being healthy, more active; and it is more important for your diet to make your immunity power stronger. All the vitamins are equally important in our body. But, today Iโ€™m going to tell you about the benefits of vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a kind of antioxidant that protects the cells from damage. It plays a vital role as a fat-soluble component. This healthy nutrient solves many diseases like from heart disease to cancer, anaemia and many other life taking diseases.

Often we take supplements for the required vitamins in our body. But, instead of taking supplements if we eat more and more food which contains vitamin E, I think that will be more beneficial to our body. Usually, you can have vitamin E from seeds, nuts, leafy green vegetables, soybean, corn, canola, etc. And vegetable oils and other vegetable products like spinach, broccoli are also the best sources of Vitamin E. Add all these foods to your diet chart. However, besides all these, you can get it from the medical store as a supplement.

The benefits you can get from vitamin E :ย 

1. As earlier I have said that vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and green leafy foods are the rich sources of anti-oxidant which improves oxidant damages of our body. It solves the problems of free radical and age-related problems.ย 

2. Dermatologists always praise vitamin E as the best skin care product. It helps to repair skin, nails, and hair too. Vitamin E oil is used as a beauty care product. It also helps to look your skin younger by preventing the dullness of your skin for increasing age. You can use it at night with any moisturizer cream to moisturize your beautiful skin.

3. This anti-oxidant helps you to get beautiful hair. If possible you can use vitamin E oil directly into your scalp or you can mix it with your coconut oil and then apply for getting healthy hair. It prevents your hair loss and improves your hair growth. You can also use shampoo and conditioner which contains vitamin E. That will replenish your hair and restore the shine again.

4. Vitamin Eย  is not only a skincare element but it is used as a supplement that improves your hormonal problems like menstrual problems, insomnia, night sweats, palpitations, vaginal dryness, etc. This supplement can boost your progesterone hormone and cure the hormonal disturbance. And also helps in PMS symptoms. It makes you comfortable and diminishes crumping, cravings, mood swings like other PMS symptoms.

Here we came to know vitamin E is very helpful to our body but it should keep in mind that taking too much vitamin E can be dangerous. Vitamin E supplements may be harmful to certain medications and chemotherapies. Hence, donโ€™t forget to consult a doctor before taking vitamin E supplements.

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