A Study Reveals the Advantages of Marrying a Fat Man

Better you look for a fat-bodied man, not a handsome guy!

A girl always dreams to have a loving & caring husband as well as handsome also. But they don’t know that an obese man can take care of them in a better way. 

Nowadays girls love a little handsome and dashing boy. They want to enjoy the magic of six-packs for a lifetime but the survey says a different story. A survey was conducted upon 281 couples and it is known that fat boys are more caring as a husband than handsome.

Researchers also have said some positive facts. When you are in a devastating state of mind for any reason, talk to a plump, you’ll get a positive vibe and all your scorn will fly away soon. 

They also say that fat-bodied men always try to keep their life partner happy and create a humorous atmosphere around them. They love to make fun always. These people are very good at heart also.

One more thing is noticed that fat men love their woman unconditionally, whereas handsome men are like attention seekers. They love to be the heartthrob of many women. And this type of man is not perfect for a healthy relationship.

So girls, If you think to get married then look for a fat-bodied man, not a handsome guy. Even in abroad also women are interested to marry an abdominous man.

Written by Suchandra

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