Weak in Memorizing? Then It’s for You!

Many of us are always amazed to see people with exceptional memories, but find it difficult for ourselves, especially in the case of our study. Are you one such who is struggling with weak memory? Then here’s the solution for you.

Generally, our mind tricks us that we remembered everything at the time of the study. Actually, there’s a big but! After a while, we can’t even remember the half! The point is why does it happen so? The obvious answer is ‘technique’ what we lack. Each and everything we do in our daily life can be enhanced to a hundred times better dealing with proper technique.

Nobel prize winner Richard Feynman came with an apt technique which can better be called a proper mind game. We can train our brains to remember more and that so for a long time, just like we can strengthen any other body muscle. Let’s talk about what we only to follow in just four steps.

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Step 1: Choose a topic and study it, but not with something like chips and cold drinks which can break your concentration. Try to understand the topic wholeheartedly. If you’re unable to grasp it at the first attempt there’s nothing to worry at all. Try repeatedly. Labour never goes waste.

Step 2: Now imagine yourself as a teacher and write down an explanation of the concept you’ve just made out. Here’s the twist. In most cases, people won’t be able to explain it on paper in a way a student can get it easily. It means the topic isn’t yet in the grip. So, try-hard. Great Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.


Step 3: Review your explanation and identify the areas in which you are not able to explain it for a student. Read it again.

Step 4: This is the most important and final step. One has to imagine that a ten-year-old child is standing before the person and it has to make the child understand the topic in the simplest possible way. Pompous words are the reason behind our forgetfulness. Richard Feynman told us that the easiest explanation can be remembered for the longest time.

Source: Dr. Linda Sasser

Well, this technique is not at all for the last night exam preparation. It’s time-consuming. It definitely takes time to adopt in your habit. Now hurry up, start applying, practice hard and no more struggle!

Written by Madhumita

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