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Why Does Happiness Come so Late in Good People’s life?

Lord Krishna gave the knowledge to Arjuna when he asked the same question.

There are all kinds of people who live in the world, good and bad are all equal. Many people have never been afraid of doing bad things. On the other hand, many people are hesitant to do bad things. They feel worried knowing that they are about to do something bad. And those who never worry about doing bad things live their lives happily. Meanwhile, all the problems happen in the lives of good people. It’s really painful.

Often some thoughts peep out in our mind that Why do always bad things happen with good people. Why does happiness come so late in good people’s life? But those who are being led in the wrong direction, they get a lot in a short period. 

Arjuna also asked the same question to Lord Krishna. And he got the perfect answer from Lord Krishna. Lord Shrikrishna gave Arjuna the knowledge of the very precious Gita.

In reply, Lord Krishna said, though it seems something bad happens with the good people, but it is not. Because virtuous people always love God. And they want to eradicate all the previous sins quickly. Everyone has to suffer his own Karma. Even the gods are not spared also. The result of human actions comes in the form of the misery of human life. After suffering one’s Karma, then he will find the way of his redemption from life. That’s why if good people’s life something bad is happening, that means they are being punished for the sin of their previous birth. They will be free from this burdened life very soon.

When people pass through difficult times, Shri Krishna’s words are extremely profitable for them. From Shri Krishna’s direction, we learn that everyone shouldn’t worry about the miserable things happening in their life but they should keep in mind always to be good in the present life.

Written by Suchandra

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