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Concepts of Beauty in this World Leave You Jaw-opened!

The beauty of being beautiful lies in the admiration of it.

The word ‘Beauty’ reminds us of the woman, the beautiful creation of God. Beauty is a quality of physical attraction in women. We all believe that beauty means a beautiful woman who has beautiful eyes or a beautiful smile or beautiful hair. But you will be surprised to know that beauty has different definitions in different places.

Mursi Women of Ethiopia:

Mursi Women of Ethiopia. Source: Internet

In Africa, there is a tribe who believe that beauty refers to wearing wooden or a metal plate on women’s lower lip and ears. Most of the women are made holes in their lips and ears in their early childhood. And the size of the plate gets increased with their age. It is believed that Those women are beautiful and lucky who have larger holes.

Padaung Women of Myanmar:

Long Necked Padaung Women of Myanmar. Source: Internet

Padaung, a tribe in Myanmar, thinks that beauty is in the woman having a long neck. Their women wear brass-coils around their necks to stretch their necks only at the age of 5. At first, they wear only 6 coils and the coils numbers increase every year until they get married. After marriage, they need not add coils any more around their necks. They believe that a long neck is the symbol of wealth, position, beauty.

Himba Women of Namibia:

Himba Women of Namibia. Source: Internet

Himba, a primitive African tribe lives in Namibia. They use every drop of water very carefully for the terrible water crisis. That’s why they can’t take the bath. But still, the women of this tribe are considered beautiful. They use a type of paste to color their bodies red. This paste is made of butterfat, a type of herbal plant and red powder namely volcanic pumice powder. This paste protects their skin from sunburn, insects and skin disease. And this mixture keeps their skin soft and flawless as well.

Women of Mauritania:

Woman of Mauritania. Source: Internet

Do you know, even fat women are also considered beautiful? Nowadays, every girl is keen to have a “zero figure”. But in Mauritania, fat and bulky-bodied women are considered beautiful. Here in this country, if a family has a fat woman it is meant that the family is wealthy for the country is the victim of poverty and famine. For making the women fatty before their marriage they are forced to consume more and more food containing high fat. Even they are forcefully injected animal growth hormones.

Woman of Tajikistan:

Woman of Tajikistan. Source: Internet

Normally, having joint eyebrows is out of trend and not so beautiful. But, as Tajikistan has also a different meaning of beauty, this is considered the real beauty to the people of Tajikistan. According to the ancient poets and writers of Rome and Greece, women who have joint eyebrows are exceptionally beautiful. Years have passed, but to date, Tajikistan thinks the same.

Women of Indonesia:

Woman of Indonesia. Source: Internet

In Indonesia, women with sharp teeth are believed to be the key to wealth and prosperity. So, women of Indonesia are keen to sharpen their teeth. But they have to go through a difficult procedure to sharpen their teeth. And now it becomes a trending fashion.

Women of Korea:

Woman of Korea. Source: Internet

Korean thinks that the women who have ‘V’ shape face are extremely beautiful. Even those who don’t have ‘V’ shape face structure by birth transform their face structure artificially. Following the trend, models and actresses in this country also manage ‘V’ shape face. Many beauty products are sold in the Korean market to make the face like ‘V’ artificially.

Women of Asia:

Women of Asia. Source: Internet

In some Asian countries, fair complexion is the only definition of beauty in women. Most of the women of these countries use various kinds of beauty products which are claimed to help for getting acquiring a fairer complexion. The very tendency was started in the old days when these countries were ruled under the monarchical constitution. Women were eager to imitate the Queens of ‘Andarmahal’. And the penchant goes on.

Here we have shown some weird definitions of beauty from all over the world. It is important for us that we should have our inner beauty. External beauty is not eternal. We are beautiful for what we truly are by nature. And do you know that the beauty of being beautiful lies in the admiration of it!

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