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Cooking Fish but Tastes Bad! Then Here’s Something You must Need!

Fish as a part of the food culture has always been a very common name worldwide. However, people love fish, especially because it is not so rich in recipes to easily digest. Apart from the restaurant-preparations, fish is definitely one of the highly recommended kinds of stuff among the homemade preparations.

Usually, people tend to buy fish in a large volume (in comparison with the number of their family members) and store them in their refrigerator only for not having enough time to repeat the hectic job of going to the market on a daily basis! Albeit, it has been proven difficult to keep the fish fresh. Soon it comes out to be stinking from within. It seriously affects the taste of what is cooked out of it.

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But, is there any way out to get rid of this situation? Luckily, yes! Let’s know about it.

First, take the fish out of the refrigerator. Leave it for a while so that it turns back to the home temperature. If the fish is large in size cut it into handy pieces.

Second, take a bowl as per the size of the fish or the number of its pieces. Pour some water into the bowl in an amount so that the maximum portion of the pieces remain in the water. Now, add some milk to the water and completely leave it for about half an hour.

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Finally, take the fish or its pieces out of the bowl and wash properly. Now it’s ready to be cooked!

You can feel the change for sure. There is no more any odour, you get to see, which has been hampering the taste of the preparations so far. Well, enjoy and thank me later!

Written by Madhumita

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