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Do You Know What an Overcooked Egg Can Do to Our Body?

Good food become poisonous if we don’t take it in proper way!

An egg is an all loved food which can be taken at any time. We love it in its all forms such as half-boiled, potch, in curry, in roll and in what not.  But how many of us are aware of the disadvantages that cause to our body because of taking overcooked eggs! 

If eggs are overcooked the amount of Hydrogen Sulfide gas increases in the white portion of it. Hydrogen Sulfide is a very poisonous gas. The effect of this gas can be seen on the outer layer of the yolk i.e a thin greenish layer. You can better take the greenish layer as an indication that you should not eat that egg. 

The Hydrogen Sulfide gas in an overcooked egg can cause poisonous effect in our body. So its better to avoid it. Eat healthily and stay safe!

Written by Madhumita

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