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Why the Soil of a Brothel or Prostitute’s House is Needed to Build the Idol of Goddess Durga?

Those who have been isolated in the society for years, who receive mountains of contempt and deprivation, hatred and despair; the soil of their house is an essential part of the goddess idol. But why?

On the one hand, Maa Durga is the symbol of purity and whiteness, energy and dignity; on the other hand, the soil of a so-called ‘unclean’ or ‘unholy’ place is needed to make an idol of maa Durga. A few months before Pujo, ‘Kumarapara’ (potter house) became busy like bees making honeycomb.

The urine of a cow, cow dung, sheaf of paddy, holy water of Ganga and the soil of a prostitute’s house- these are the five ‘Tatva’ or material which are essential to make Devi’s idol. But why the soil of a prostitute’s house is needed? 

It is said that men leave their all ‘Punya’ or virtue or holiness in the prostitutes’ house when they become intimate to a prostitute. And they go back home with eternal sin. Therefore, a brothel becomes rich with the ‘Punya’ of thousands of men who come there.

It is believed that all the lust and physical urges of the men are taken by the prostitute. The take all the unholy within them and cleanse the society. 

According to Hindu Purana prostitutes are mightier than Devatas (Hindu Gods). As we know God Indra sent Menka to break Rishi Bishwamitra’s ‘Dhyan’. Bishwamitra was distracted by Menaka’s dance and it was a miracle. Because mighty Indra and other Devtas were unable to do so.

By this ritual, our Sastra tries to clarify that women are the symbol of purity in its all forms. Because of men’s sexual urges, women become a prostitute.  So lusty men are impure, not prostitutes. Prostitutes are also worthy of respect.

After taking soil from eight girls’ house the 9th girl, a prostitute is given respect by taking soil from their home. These nine girls are —

Nartaki/ Abhinetri (dancer/actress)


Dhopani (washerwoman)

Napitani (lady barber)

Brahmani (an upper class lady)

Sudrani (a lower caste lady)

Goyalini (milk women)

Malini (lady gardener) 

Patita (prostitute)

Written by Madhumita

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