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Do Ghosts Smell? Do Smell Carry Individuality of a Ghost?

Each and every ghost has a different and corresponding smell!

Ghosts are unsubstantial, immaterial. So, logically they should not have any smell. But we have read in horror stories that we do get some smell when ghosts are about to appear. The paranormal researchers also opine something very identical to this. They tell that each and every ghost has a different and corresponding smell. Or we can say, standing on our point of view, that such smell indicates the existence of some spirit in our surroundings.

Not only the spirits but also the inhabitants of the supernatural world (a demon or whatever termed by us) have the same characteristic with which we can spot their activities out. A USA based paranormal researching organization Midland Paranormal Society presents a list of smells that are ‘suspicious’. According to the society, if there any smell prevails without a source it definitely means there is something paranormal or supernatural happening.

The smell of Flowers: Beware of the smell of the flowers like Lilac, Rose, Jasmine, etc. Especially the fragrance of Lilac has some deep attachment to the presence of any spirit nearby. Paranormal activists tell if you start to get these smells all of a sudden, which makes remember some event happened in the past, you are in contact with some spirit for sure.

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The smell of Every day: The smells from spices to tobacco are indicative of the presence of something paranormal entity. Besides this, the smell of boiling coffee too has the same meaning.

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Some Odours: The odors of rotten egg, rotten foods or sulfur may have the same feature which depicts of the paranormal existence.

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The Midland Paranormal Society also says that the distance between a human and a paranormal entity depends on how much the human being feels discomfort by the smell. Many a time, only a particular person can feel such smell despite being among many. It means the paranormal entity wants to make contact with the particular person.

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