Life Exists on Mars
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Does Life Exists on Mars: Dead or Alive!

Human has always been enthusiastic and positive about the possibilities of the existence of life on the planet.

Still, we do not know whether there is any trace of life on Mars. Also, the past of this red planet is so vague that we cannot say that there was life once in this red desert. But the Human has always been enthusiastic and positive about the possibilities of the existence of life on the planet. Though we could not go there we have been sending probes.

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Curiosity is such a probe that was sent to the mars by NASA. There it was searching organic molecules on the martian surface. An organic molecule is the main source that initiates life on earth. Each and every living being on this earth is evolved out of this organic molecule.

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On 17th June 2018, NASA has published an important announcement on their official website. They wrote that Curiosity had detected the presence of crore years old organic molecule on martian soil. Not only this but the existence of Methane in the Martian atmosphere had also been found by this robot.

When, in the past, the average temperature of the Martian atmosphere was much more than what it is in present there was water in liquid form on the Martian surface, said NASA. The organic molecules found in a Martian stone are similar to those which are found on Charcoal in the earth. This reality concludes that the mars had a life like our earth.

Even, the scientists do not deny the possibilities of life in the mars, in the present time. Maybe, still, we do lack technological advancement that we cannot trace them out despite their existence. Maybe, life exists deep down in the underground. Curiosity could not excavate more the 5 cm deep from the surface level.

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According to the report, NASA is going to send a next-generation rover to the mars on a joint venture with European Space Agency by 2020. It’ll be capable of finding the deepest ever in the ground.

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NASA has also clarified, in the research span of 6 consecutive years by Curiosity, the scientists observed that the percentage of methane in the martian atmosphere interestingly increased in summer and decreased in winter. It indicates two possibilities regarding the generation of methane– i) The reaction between volcanic processes and underground liquid water or ii) existence of the microorganism in the underground.

Whatever! We have to wait until 2021 will come. We can only hope the best that our next journey to mars will rub out all the dust from the mystery of life in mars.


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