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Subconscious Mind: A Part of Mind that Inspires Us

The subconscious mind has a better part than that of the conscious mind in controlling our life.

Do you know how our mind is powerful! It can turn our dreams into reality. It can deliver all those which we are longing for. We may know there are two parts in our mind– Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. Our thinking, finding logic in daily deals, analyzing something is being controlled by the Conscious Mind. But what about our emotions, feelings, habits, faith, memories? These all are being controlled by the Subconscious Mind. Even we can say the subconscious mind has a better part than that of the conscious mind in controlling our life. It may sound something strange, but it is true.

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Our beliefs are usually developed depending on how we acquire our habits in our life. These beliefs are the determiner of our confidence level which plays a vital role in our life to achieve success. Where the conscious mind uses 10% of our mind the subconscious mind uses the rest 90%. The average people do not know this fact and they cannot use their subconscious mind in a proper way. its exact exercises can make us develop ourselves as excellent.

To see how subconscious mind are influential, we have to know about research based on Placebo Effect. A group of people with the identical illness was divided into two- Group A and Group B. Group A patients were given the best medicine while Group B, false harmless medicine made of sugar which looked like the original one. When the patients, completely unaware of this fact were tested they from both the groups were equally recovered. It proves that these people, especially Group B healed only because of their belief, a product of the subconscious mind.

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Being positive in mind, thus, always benefits the subconscious mind, which carries forward to our conscious mind as a form of Confidence. It is confidence which makes us successful. We can lead our lives according to what we really want with a confident mind. But how can we make it possible?

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Subconsciousness gets mostly active when the conscious mind is in rest, and the right time is the last 5 minutes when our body starts going down to sleep. If, in this time, we think of the negative experiences our subconscious mind stores them and brings everything negative for the next day when we get up. So, we must feed positive if we want to utilize it. We should make us believe that we can manage, we can do everything perfectly. We should always recapitulate our good moments of life as an example. And in the next morning, you’ll rise all the positive vibe that definitely help you rise in your daily engagement.


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