Ever Thought of a Smart Pen with Auto-correction Technology!

The pen vibrates automatically when you write anything wrong.

A writer needs a pen the most. But what if the writer gets a pen with auto-correction technology? Doesn’t it sound cool and interesting?  No, you are not in a hallucination. 

Two German developers Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher have made a pen with the technology of a smartphone. The pen vibrates automatically when you write anything wrong in spelling. This pen uses two technologies: one is “Orthography” which helps you check spelling-mistakes and the other is “Calligraphy” which is used to improve one’s style of writing.

Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher. Source: Internet

According to the developers’ report in the news media, it is confirmed that they are coming soon with the second version of this pen with the technology of correction the grammatical mistakes by analyzing their sentence structure.

This innovative idea had come from the mind of Wolsky’s wife when the couple was helping their son do his homework and noticed that he had spelled numerous words incorrectly. 

This pen looks like a normal pen with normal ink but it has a special motion sensor, a small battery and a wi-fi chip in it. However, the most interesting thing is the pen can be refilled. You can turn it from a ballpoint pen to a fountain nib very easily.

Source: Internet

The very “Smart Pen” named Learnstift takes time to be built almost one and half year. This pen has an open API sp that new applications can be built by the developers. 

You think you really need this one. So, What are you waiting for? Get this as soon as possible.

Written by Suchandra

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