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India Is Sending People To Space Soon: ISRO!

According to sources, ISRO has already started the project.

Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Gaganjan project on Independence Day. Thereafter, ISRO crossed the milestones one by one. Chandrayaan II was successfully launched last July. Now they are preparing for the Gaganjan project.

In the words of the Prime Minister and ISRO Chairman K Shivan, the work of Gaganjan project is forwarding fast. Their goal is to send the first man to space within 2022. If this project of ISRO becomes successful India will be able to send people to space as the fourth country in the world.  Earlier, three countries i.e America, Russia and China were successful to send astronauts to space.

According to sources, ISRO has already started the project. GSLV M Ill will be used for the Gagnian expedition, which will take the astronauts 300 to 400 kilometres away from the Earth. The Gaganjan will orbit the Earth with astronauts there. Already, the task of finding astronauts for this project has begun. Scientists from ISRO and officers from Indian Air Force have begun their search for the astronauts together. The astronauts will be selected only through very difficult tests.

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