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Vikram Out of Contact, the Orbiter Sends Signal: Is it an End or a Lesson!

Technically, Chandrayaan 2 has not been unsuccessful yet!

Vikram lost in the chest of the moon, hurting the great expectation of 130 crore Indians. Though the radio-contact with Vikram has not been reestablished the orbiter exists as a hope. The orbiter is in full contact with ISRO and it is perfectly sending information to the earth. That is why, technically, Chandrayaan 2 has not been unsuccessful yet!

Contact with Vikram was lost during it’s landing on the moon. When Vikram was only 1.5 Km above the surface the technical glitch was found in the system which was to help Vikram keep contact with the orbiter.

Looking into the entire matter what ISRO scientists primarily find out is that Vikram slightly missed its defined path and lost contact. They think that the lander can be reconnected as the orbiter is acting in full motion around the moon. So ₹978 crore mission Chandrayaan 2 is not officially called off at this moment.

“Only 5 per cent of the mission has been lost – Vikram the lander and Pragyan the rover – while the remaining 95 per cent – that is the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter – is orbiting the moon successfully,”–

an official of the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO told news agency IANS. So, the orbiter will send important images of the moon in its next 1 year. Maybe, It will be able to trace the lander Vikram on the lunar surface.

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is keeping his hope and also motivates the team behind this mission.

The way he embraced K Shiven, the Chairperson of ISRO was a treat to eyes and quite inspiring to the whole nation.

However, the ISRO scientists are engaged in wartime activities to find if the lander Vikram landed successfully or it crashed.

Notwithstanding, the country does stand by the ISRO and backs our great scientists and their tireless effort against all those negativities posted on social platforms by few loafer loudmouth good-for-nothing people from the various countries!

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