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Chandrayaan 2 to Land on the Moon: We Host LIVE!

But there is a little hazard called ‘Fifteen minutes of Terror’ to be overcome.

Watch LIVE:

ISRO is at the advent of creating history! India, as the 4th country of the world, is going to soft-land on the surface of the moon. But there is a little hazard to be overcome. And it’s called ‘Fifteen minutes of Terror’. K Shivan, the Chairperson of ISRO informed that the particular 15 minutes before the lander Vikram lands is very crucial.

Vikram, getting separated from the orbiter on the last Monday right at 01:15 PM reached very nearer to the moon’s surface. And finally, Vikram will land on the lunar surface at the midnight of Friday between 01:30 AM and 02:30 AM.

Vikram will land on the south pole of the moon where the existence of water is being expected. The craters situated in the ever-adumbral region of the moon may contain 100 million ton of water, experts claim.

Let’s know how Chandrayaan 2 will land step by step:

  • The final procedure of Vikram’s landing on the moon will start right after 01:40 AM at midnight.
  • Then ‘Fifteen minutes of Terror’ will come in the scenario. K Shivan said– The process during this 15 minutes is very complex. We will be tensed as we will do it for the first time!
  • Vikram will be gradually getting closer to the lunar surface by decreasing its speed.
  • Vikram will land on the surface right at 01:55 AM.
  • Indian flag will be visible after the lunar dust will fall on the surface.
  • The rover Pragyan will come out of the lander Vikram at 04:40 AM. Then it will start its journey on the moon.
  • The rover Pragyan will be travelling on the surface.
  • India will leave a permanent impression on the surface of the moon.
  • Pragyan will capture selfies in the morning. Images of the lander and the lunar surface will be available.
  • Honourable Prime Minister of Inda Mr Narendra Modi will address the nation twice from the mission control room of ISRO.

How the lander Vikram will Wok:

How the rover Pragyan will Wok:

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