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Jio Fiber Plans are in the Market: Good or Bad?

Now it comes with official clarification and transparency! Know elaborately.

A screenshot became viral on social media in the yesterday evening. There was a list of JIo Fiber Plans which was undoubtedly a much-waited one. Though, till then, no official statement regarding this was issued by Jio it spread like a forest fire! Talkings with hashtag Jio Fiber made it a top trend on every social platform.

We also shared this screenshot here with you. However, we were in continuous finding if we somehow managed to trace out any official source proving it real. Finally, as Jio made it public we got to know that the screenshot was taken from the Jio’s Press Release on 5th September.

Along with the post on Twitter Jio has also drawn details about the Jio Fiber Plans on their official website. Now, here we are going to sum all these up precisely for your better understanding.

Table of Contents

Jio Fiber Plans:

Comparative Graphic of Jio Fiber Plans:

JioFiber Welcome Offer:

1. Annual:

2. 6-Month:

3. 3-Month:


1. GST Additional on all plans as applicable.

2. Extra GBs are available for 6 months as introductory Benefits.

3. One Time Payment (security deposit + non-refundable installation) ₹2,500 (1,500 + 1,000)

Jio Fiber Plans with Graphic:







Now, we do provide you with those service-related demonstrations published by Jio!

High-Speed Internet:


JioFiber is the Fastest Broadband with speeds up to 1Gbps:

Enjoy the best WiFi experience in every room of your home with JioWiFiMesh service:

Separate WiFi ID for guests:

Free HD Voice:

Now, you can get the stability of a landline on your smartphone, with JioCall app:

First-ever High Definition home calling service with crystal clear free voice calls:

Stay close to your loved ones with international calls at home-like rates:

TV Video Calling:

Use any JioFiber connected TV to make video and conference calls from home:

With JioTVCamera you can make high-quality video calls:

TV Plus:

With Jio’s 4K Set Top Box get ready to witness the first-ever 4K experience in the country:

Never miss your TV shows again. Pause, Rewind & Play whenever you want:

Use voice commands on JioRemote to control your TV:

Home Networking:

Simply connect your hard drive to the Jio Home Gateway or Jio STB and access your files anytime, anywhere using the JioHome app:

Share your music easily across all your devices at home through the JioHome app:

Sync your personal photos on to the Photos app and watch it on TV or access it on any device, anywhere using the JioHome app:

Security & Surveillance:

Keep a watch on your baby or elderly family members with Jio’s 24/7 monitoring solution:

Indoor security will provide a 24/7 feed so you can keep a track of your home safety:

With Jio’s Door Camera keep a track of all your visitors from the comfort of your room or from anywhere in the world:

Access CCTV footage on the Cloud:


Zero-latency gaming experience:

Jio Set Top Box supports most gaming controllers:

Mixed-reality based gaming experience will redefine your gaming experience:

How to get Jio Fiber:

1. Visit or download MyJio app
2. Register for JioFiber services
3. If JioFiber is available in your area, our service representatives will get in touch with you

For Existing JioFiber Customers:

1. For existing JioFiber users, Jio will get in touch with you for upgrading your services
2. Please download MyJio app, as all communication with users will happen on the MyJio app
3. On recharging with a monthly/quarterly/annual plan of their choice, every JioFiber user will get a Set Top Box to enjoy the full bouquet of services


The reaction over the latest Jio Fiber plans on social media is not at all positive against the craze which had been built up so far. Customers already using broadband at their home are mostly habituated to unlimited plans. Whereas Jio offers its each and every broadband plan with FUP. Looking at the demand in the market in India most of the people prefer to have an unlimited plan rather than a FUP plan at a much higher speed. However, very few of the customers holding the batton for Jio, argue that Indians must have to differentiate Jio from other ISPs, as Jio provides true bandwidth and other ISPs, mixed bandwidth. But, on the real ground, people are not accepting Jio Fiber plans in comparison to what was assumed before. If it continues to go on Jio will have to further its Fiber plan to create a jolt in the competitive market!

According to some experts, Jio wants to limit its broadband service as of now by launching such unimpressive plans due to incomplete infrastructure in most of the parts of the country! It is possible that once Jio completes its set-up all over the country it may relaunch new unlimited plans to penetrate into the competition. If so, we have to wait for that!

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