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The Names of Instagram and WhatsApp are Going to be Changed!

Facebook has started to encrypt its name to the apps. Is there any big reason behind this decision?

This week Facebook has begun to add its name to some places of the photo-sharing app Instagram. Recently an investigation has been launched in several countries on how Facebook shares personal information of customers. After that, the US social media giant has taken this step.


Already, ‘Instagram from Facebook’ has been typed in settings of the iOS app. Although Facebook’s name is not yet mentioned on the home page, it may appear in the future.

In this matter “We want to be transparent about all of the products and services of Facebook”, said a Facebook representative.

Not only Instagram, but Facebook is going to add its name to Whatsapp soon.

In this matter, you may know that in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram. Then in 2014, it acquired Whatsapp. There are more than 100 crores users on these two platforms.

Instagram has played a big role in the company’s profit in recent times. Instagram is very popular among the young generation. This platform has caught the eye of advertisers so easily.

Written by Madhumita

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