The First Metaverse Wedding in India
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The First Metaverse Wedding in India: A Tamil Nadu Couple Will Marry Virtually

We have recently come to know about Zuckerberg’s metaverse platform and how it unites people through the virtual world. Recently, an Indian couple planned to host their wedding reception in Metaverse. This is the first Metaverse Wedding in India.

The First Metaverse Wedding in India

On Feb 6, an Indian couple will get married in the Sivalingapuram village of Tamil Nadu.  Dinesh SP is a project associate in IIT Madras and his finance Janaganandhini Ramaswamy is a software developer. Their reception will be a different one as it is planned to be held digitally. After their marriage, the newly married couples along with relatives, friends and family will switch to their laptops to view the virtual venue for a Hogwarts-themed reception, as per the media reports.

The First Metaverse Wedding in India

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The First Metaverse Wedding in India:

“On using their unique credentials and logging in via any browser, attendees will have to choose a generic male or female avatar and enter their name for identification. Then on, it’s like any other video game – navigate with the keyboard and look around with the mouse or touchscreen controls. You can even virtually shake hands and interact with fellow avatars, after getting their consent,” told Vignesh Selvaraj, the founder and CEO of Quatics tech. They are designing the Meta experience in an Indian firm. (Source:

The First Metaverse Wedding in India

“I came up with the idea of having a Metaverse wedding reception, and my fiancee also liked the idea. I have been into crypto and blockchain technology, and have been mining ethereum, a form of cryptocurrency, for the last one year. Since blockchain is the basic technology of Metaverse. When my wedding was fixed, I thought of having a reception in Metaverse,” Dinesh. (Source:

Janaganandhini’s Virtual Father:

 In addition to this, he also added that his fiance’s father passed away last April. And he would also be part of the wedding. Dinesh designed a virtual avatar of her father using metaverse technology. So that his fiance dream will come true.”I had to ask him many times to understand this concept and even now I am not sure how this will be. And I am so happy that my father’s virtual avatar will be there for my wedding even though he won’t be there physically. I was shattered when he passed away, but now Dinesh is bringing him back virtually for us,” told bride Janaganandhini. (Source:

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Dinesh said, “It would be a new way of the afterlife in the metaverse. And I hope it will be a great event in Metaverse for first-timers in India. I have been collaborating with Vignesh Selvaraj founder of TardiVerse Indian (Chennai) based startup, for this project. They developed a metaverse based on Polygon Technology Blockchain.”

After so many hurdles, they are marrying with their parents’ support.

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