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Voter Card Verification: New Phase of Verification Starts Soon!

The block-level officers of the village panchayat and the municipality will go home to home to the voters.

The Election Commission is about to start revising the voter list across the country as the verification of Electoral Information AVP program ends. The information verification program will be continued until November 18. Then there will be a one-month revision of the voter list from November 25 to December 24. Do you know about form no.8 and no.6 of voter card verification? Let’s take a look…

Those who are turning 18 years of age or older within the 1st January of 2020 will be able to fill the Form 6 and apply for adding their names to the voter list. At the same time, the work of amending and reforming the voter list will be continued. The Election Commission will publish the final list on January 20.

Meanwhile, in the state’s election data verification program, up to last Thursday, about three and a half crore voters have registered their voter card related information. Special responses are seen in West Bengal among the whole country. Maybe it’s due to the NRC sensation in West Bengal. 

Commission sources said that voters have verified their own information online till now. This time, the block level officers of the village panchayat and the municipality will go home to home to the voters.  BLOs are about to start their work. Asit Jyoti Bhattacharya, Joint Chief Electoral Officer of WB said that BLOs will basically do two things.

First, they will verify the information submitted by those who have already registered online to verify the information. To do this, an app called ‘BLO Net’ has been created. 

The second task that BLOs will do is go home and check offline information. They will take the necessary forms and papers to the voters’ home. According to commission sources, the BLO is expected to approach every voter. If BLOs have not yet visited Panchayat and Municipality areas, people are being asked to inform the BDO office.  Or people can also call the Commission’s helpline number 1950.

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