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Your Addiction to FaceApp can be Dangerous!

How many users have that patient to read what is written in the permission the app asks for?

How would you look like after 20 or 30 years later when you become an old person? Or do you want to see yourself going back to your childhood? Now it’s possible to do both. What you have to do is to download an application and install it on your mobile. FaceApp is such an app that has gone viral on social platforms.

People are sharing their old-age images on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All of them are using the app namely FaceApp. Celebrities from all over the world also join the trend. The app can transform people’s images with the help of artificial intelligence. Though it sounds funny it may be harmful in the future. The terms and conditions of the app indicate so.

Transformation of Faces using FaceApp. Source: Internet

Apart from increasing and decreasing age in a photo, it changes the style of hair and beards also. It uploads the photo of a user to its server. Then, it starts editing the photo. And the primary suspicion is coming out of it!

Users are installing this app on their mobile phones from the respective app store. Then the app asks about some permission to the users before it lets the users use. Here the question lies! How many users have that patient to read what is written in the permission? The answer is almost no one.

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein,‏ a Twitter user has tweeted about it. She writes with a screenshot of the terms and conditions of the app, that using this app means users are permitting it to use their personal data like photo, name, username, etc for any purpose including commercial purposes.

Previously, the social network giant Facebook which is dedicated to keeping users’ data secret has been slammed many a time for the users’ data-theft! But, here people are using an app which openly compromises the secrecy of the user’s data.

Now, what are you thinking?

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