Youtuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs:16 Facts About Sourav Joshi
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Youtuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs:16 Facts About Sourav Joshi

Popular YouTuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs: The term “microcelebrity” is often used by popular YouTubers. Microcelebrities on YouTube don’t appear to be part of the established and commercial structure of celebrity culture because YouTube is largely perceived as a bottom-up social media video platform. They appear self-governed and independent. Since the direct connection between artist and viewer is created by the use of YouTube as a medium, the appearance of YouTubers as more relatable and authentic is achieved.

Youtuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs
Youtuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs

People also love to watch vlogs. As the name suggests, a vlog is a video blog that records a person’s thoughts, opinions, and interests, typically for publication on the internet. Many youtubers share their daily lives in their vlogs. YouTube audiences love to watch YouTuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs. Sourav Joshi also makes his daily life videos as vlogs.

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What’s The Difference Between A Vlog And A Blog?

The difference between a blog and a vlog is that a blog is a written piece of communication, whereas a vlog is created in a video format. When it comes to topics, blogs tend to focus on one or two topics, while vlogs tend to cover a wider range of subjects. As a result, blogs tend to be longer and more focused, whereas vlogs tend to be shorter and more general.

The Difference Between A Vlog And A Blog
The Difference Between A Vlog And A Blog

Who is Sourav Joshi?

Sourav Joshi is a well-known personality on social media platforms, as well as a youtuber, painter, and vlogger who hails from the Indian state of Uttrakhand. He made a lot of money  from his vlogs. All thanks to his talent as a painter and his video blogs, in which he would upload recordings of his lifestyle and daily life to Youtube. This helped him a lot. On YouTube, he publishes content under the two channels Sourav Joshi Arts and Sourav Joshi Vlogs. Together, the channels have millions of subscribers. He updates his channel with new videos on a daily basis. In addition to that, he ran workshops where he instructed pupils on how to improve their painting skills. During his time in lockdown, he sketched a variety of people and animals in a variety of poses.

Youtuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs
Youtuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs

16 Facts About Sourav Joshi:

Full Name:Sourav Joshi
Date of Birth:September 8, 1999
Age:23years old
Birthplace:Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Mother:Hema Joshi
Father:Harinder Joshi
Siblings:Piyush Joshi and Sahil Joshi
Weight:70 KG(approx)
Height:5 feet 7 inchs
Zodiac sign:Virgo
Famous For:Vlogs and Paintings
School:Government School
College:Punjab Group Of Colleges
Educational Qualifications:Bachler of Fine Arts
Sourav Joshi Bio

Youtuber Sourav Joshi Vlogs:

Sourav Joshi Vlogs:

No one knew who Saurav Joshi was, but that has suddenly changed. This change happens because of his youtube channel Sourav Joshi Vlogs. He posts videos of his daily routine on this YouTube Channel. On the 19th of February, 2019, he created this channel. He has 2.8 billion video views and 16.2 million subscribers on this channel on YouTube. Piyush Joshi, his younger brother, appeared with him on numerous occasions. A new video is uploaded every day by him. His YouTube channel contains more than 1020 videos. “Piyush ki New cycle,” one of his most successful videos, has had over 37 million views and 1.6 million likes. He’s also a huge Instagram star with two distinct feeds dedicated to his artwork and vlogs. More than a million people follow the accounts dedicated to art and vlogs.

Sourav Joshi Vlogs
Sourav Joshi Vlogs

Sourav Joshi Arts:

Since he was a child, Sourav has shown a keen interest in drawing and painting, which he has continued to cultivate. He drew some of the celebrities and published on his social media accounts include: Alia Bhatt, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Anushka Sen. In addition, he offers tutorials on a variety of artistic mediums. Sourav Joshi Arts is the name of the YouTube channel where he uploads his art. There are already over 110 million views and 3.48 million subscribers to his channel, which he started on September 5th, 2015. This YouTube channel contains more than 675videos. Painting tutorials and how-to videos are the only things he posts on this channel. To date, his most popular video is titled “How I draw hairs step by step” with over 12 million views and over 381K likes.

Sourav Joshi Arts
Sourav Joshi Arts

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Sourav Joshi Vlogs Income Per Month:

Saurav Joshi Arts: $2K  –  $25.5K (Monthly)
Saurav Joshi vlogs: $80K  –  $1.5M (Monthly)

Sourav Joshi Instagram:

Sourav Joshi is a popular instagrammer also. He has 3.4M followers on souravjoshivlogs and 375K followers on souravjoshi_arts accounts.

How does Sourav Joshi become the number 1 vlogger of India?

Sourav Joshi with Flying Beast

Collaboration with Flying Beast is the real reason why Sourav Joshi’s channel grew so quickly and he became India’s number one vlogger.

Who is Sourav Joshi Manager?

Sourav Joshi manager Asim Ali

Sourav Joshi’s manager is Asim Ali who manages all the brand collaboration for Sourav Joshi.

How does Sourav Joshi meet Flying Beast?

Sourav Joshi - Flying Beast

Sourav Joshi had gone to The flying beast’s residence because Sourav Joshi had drawn a portrait of Rashbhari Taneja, the flying beast’s daughter.

Which bike does Sourav Joshi have?

Sourav Joshi Bike

Sourav Joshi have Duke 200.

Which camera does Sourav Joshi have?

Sourav Joshi Camera

The camera that Sourav Joshi uses is Canon 200D.

Who is Piyush in Sourav Joshi’s vlogs?

Sourav Joshi brother Piyush

Piyush is the younger brother of Sourav Joshi which you will see in every video of his vlogs.

Which mobile phone does Sourav Joshi use?

Sourav Joshi Mobile phone

The mobile phone that Sourav Joshi uses is iPhones 11 and 12.

What is the name of Sourav Joshi’s pet dog?

Sourav Joshi Pet Dog

The name of Sourav Joshi’s pet dog is Oreo.

Which laptop does Sourav Joshi use to edit his videos?

Sourav Joshi Laptop

Sourav Joshi uses Apple Macbook to edit his videos.

Which is the first video of Sourav Joshi vlogs?

How I draw MS Dhoni

How I draw MS Dhoni is the first video of Sourav Joshi vlogs.

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